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What is Marijuana really worth?

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Price Legend (High Quality): $0-$300/.oz    $300-$400/.oz    $400+/.oz    No data    n= the sample size of submissions
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Average Weed Prices In Texas

Quality Average ($/Oz.)* Sample Size
High Quality $324.72 11291
Medium Quality $243.13 12078
*Averages are corrected for outliers based on standard deviation from the mean.

Latest Submissions From Texas

Springtown, Texas $10 a gram high quality March 19, 2019
Fort Worth, Texas $130 an ounce medium quality March 19, 2019
Denton, Texas $140 an ounce medium quality March 18, 2019
Austin, Texas $55 an eighth high quality March 17, 2019
Austin, Texas $60 a quarter high quality March 17, 2019
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