Legal Weed Crushed Girl Scout Cookie Sales in 2015

Legal Weed Crushed Girl Scout Cookie Sales in 2015

Yup, Girl Scout Cookies are popular. And tasty.

Selling them helps young ladies learn valuable lessons about goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. Every year, between mid-February to the end of March, the cookies are impossible to miss.

But as Quartz recently noted, even though the cookies are legal in all 50 states, they aren’t anywhere near as popular as legal weed. At least from a fiscal perspective.

Because in 2015, the last year for which full stats are available, the Girl Scouts organization earned “just” $776 million selling the iconic cookies. Legal marijuana sales, on the other hand? According to Marijuana Business Daily, those generated between $3 to $3.5 billion.

Given the current climate toward medical and recreational legalization, we don’t see Girl Scout cookies overtaking legal weed profits anytime soon. That said? More dispensaries should make for plenty of fantastic sales opportunities.

In San Francisco, for example, one enterprising troop member—in a stroke of business genius—even set up shop in front of the Green Cross dispensary. According to the Los Angeles Times, after an emergency restock, she managed to move 117 boxes of Thin Mints, Do-si-does, and Samoas in two hours.

At five dollars a pop, that means she pulled down nearly $300 an hour. Not a bad haul.

[Marijuana Business Daily via Quartz ]

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