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Two Japanese Snowboarders Suspended for Weed

Two snowboarders have been suspended from the Ski Association of Japan over allegations of marijuana use, the StarTribune reported yesterday. The pair, who as minors have not been identified, apparently used marijuana while they were in Colorado late last year. … Continue reading

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The ‘Pizza Pipe’ is a Great Bad Idea

Marijuana smokers are a resourceful bunch. At some point, every weed aficionado has smoked out of an apple, and the truly desperate might have even used the dreaded tin can technique. Obviously, rolling a joint is a traditional option, but … Continue reading

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Why Marijuana, Cocaine and Heroin are Illegal

You don’t have to have a medical degree to know that drugs like heroin and cocaine are highly addictive, and can have devastating consequences for people who abuse them. “Heroin and cocaine—along with marijuana—were ultimately regulated out of a sinister urge to … Continue reading

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