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Trump’s Christie Pick Bad News for Legalization

On Monday, CNN reported that presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had tapped New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to serve as the head of his transition team in the event he wins the November election. “Trump likely won’t decide to say, nuke … Continue reading

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MA Legalization Effort Faces ‘Natural’ Challenge

California’s Adult Use of Marijuana Act has been getting tons of press coverage, as legalization in the Golden State—which is the eighth-largest economy in the world—would be a watershed moment for the movement. But it’s not the only state where voters … Continue reading

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DEA Marijuana Study OK Hints of Schedule 1 Change

The Drug Enforcement Agency has just announced it’s approved a Colorado effort to study whether marijuana can be used to help veterans cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. “Marijuana is currently legal for recreational use in Colorado. But frustratingly, it’s … Continue reading

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Alcoholic Boston Mayor Pushes Booze Over Marijuana

Medical marijuana is already legal in the state of Massachusetts, and now activists are working to open the door to make recreational use legal. In a state as famously liberal as Massachusetts—in over half a century, it’s citizens have voted … Continue reading

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Post Legal Marijuana, What Happens to Drug War Victims?

Here’s an interesting question: What does the United States have in common with countries like Oman, Pakistan, and South Sudan? The answer, as Take Part dreadfully details, is that the “Land of the Free” doesn’t guarantee a judicial concept called “retroactive … Continue reading

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