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Legalization Might Mean $28B in Tax Revenue

On Friday, we wrote about how Aurora, Colorado is using the tax revenue generated by marijuana sales to help the homeless.

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Pot Revenue Helping Homeless in Aurora, CO

Today, authorities in the Texas are patting themselves on the back for stopping another absurd attempt to smuggle marijuana across the border from Mexico. According to NBC News, one cheeky cartel’s gamble involved hiding weed inside coconuts, which is way funnier than their last … Continue reading

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CA Group Wants ‘Restrictive’ Recreational Pot Laws

California occupies a sparking place in the imagination of people around the world. Almost instinctively, the Golden State conjures up images of beach parties, movie stars, and sun-drenched boulevards. But the reality is far more complicated. Because while there are a few notable … Continue reading

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CannaBits Ep. 2 – CO Tourists in E.R. for Edibles

Have you ever wondered what the most common symptoms are, in relation to medical marijuana? In this week’s episode of CannaBits, it’s clear that cannabis consumers want to unwind! Especially in cities like Seattle, with our terrible motorists, coffee addicts, and tech obsession. The energy … Continue reading

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