Ringing in 4/20 with a Footlong Joint!

‘Twas the eve before 4/20, and all through the Toke About It house everyone’s… toking!

@NWJamesBong hand-rolled a footlong (half ounce!)  joint of Dutch Treat and Blue Hawaiian, with some terpene-crazy Pineapple Express live resin.

In this video, you can watch the rolling process, sparking it up, and as we puff, puff, pass!

Things to remember when rolling a footlong joint:

  1. Stick with Sativa. A joint this big full of kush would put you and all of your friends to sleep! Keep the conversation flowing and spirits high with a tasty Hawaiian strain.
  2. Hold it from the middle. If your footlong has been rolled correctly, the weight distribution will be even. Holding it like a normal joint will make it burn unevenly – or worse – break!
  3. The more, the merrier. We couldn’t have finished the fourteen grams or so without all of the help we had!



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