Pot Patches! – Mary’s Medicinals Demo

Do you have friends, family or roommates that find cannabis smoke or odor unpleasant?

Maybe, the conventional methods of consumption don’t work for your body?

I have something just for you! On today’s episode of Toke About It, I give you the scoop on Mary’s Medicinals transdermal patches. These small, convenient patches are great for those who avoid smoking, vaping, edibles, tinctures or concentrates.

This and the sublingual method (I’ll make another video about that later) are the most simple and discreet.

In the video, I give a full, step-by-step tutorial on how to apply the transdermal patch:

  1. Pick a pre-designated spot (low-friction, best places are forearm or bicep)
  2. Wipe the area down with isopropyl alcohol
  3. Pat or air dry
  4. Peel off backing
  5. Lay flush with skin
  6. Smooth out ridges

It’s that easy!

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