Whoopi Goldberg Launches Women’s Cannabis Company

Whoopi Goldberg Launches Women-Focused Cannabis Company

The evolution of marijuana marketing might still be in the Precambrian stage, but celebrity cannabis products are already beginning to appear. The latest entrant into soon-to-be-crowded segment?

The View host Whoopi Goldberg.

Fans of alliteratively named products will be disappointed however, as nothing the comedian sells will be branded as “Whoopi Weed.” And at press time, there aren’t actually plans to sell any weed under the brand, because Goldberg’s products will have a more serious focus than say, the chronic shit Snoop Dog is hawking. Under the Whoopi & Maya label, she and partner Maya Elisabeth will sell a balm, tincture, sipping chocolate, and bath soak to help women relieve menstrual pain.

In an interview with USA Today, Goldberg said “I don’t want this to be a joke to people. It’s not a joke to women.” And it shouldn’t be. Just ask the men who recently experienced a simulation of menstrual cramps for a BuzzFeed video. Unless you’re into some uber-freaky 50 Shades of Grey action, none of those dudes look like they’re having very much fun.

Right now, the products will only be available in California to customers with a medical marijuana card, though it’d be reasonable to expect availability in Colorado, Washington, and other weed-friendly locales after some proof of concept in the Golden State.

No word yet on whether Whoopi & Maya plans to release a version of the orgasmic weed lube we’ve heard so much about. But we’ll keep you posted.

[ via USA Today ]

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Strippin’ in the Woods!

There are so many ways to get high nowadays!

Continuing along the path of unconventional methods of consumption, I would like to introduce Oakor Slips. These badass breath strips come in Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and THC/CBD 1:1 varieties.

Bioavailability should be an important consideration amongst consumers. Watch the video to learn more about how this applies to each method of consumption.

Follow me down the trail, as I explore the effects and qualities of this innovative product – and have fun doing it!

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Will Obama Reschedule Marijuana on His Way Out?

The fact that the Feds classify marijuana as a Schedule I narcotic—along with heroin and LSD—has long been indicative of exactly how idiotic the government’s approach to drugs has been.

And now, one presidential candidate is speculating that Obama will remedy this glaring error before he exits office in January 2017. Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who is running on the Libertarian ticket, was crystal clear when he spoke to the Washington Times on Tuesday.

“I’m going to predict that Obama, when he leaves office, is going to deschedule marijuana as a Class I narcotic. I wish he would have done that to this point, but I think he’s going to do that going out the door. That’s a positive.”

In further comments, he goes on to say marijuana will eventually face regulations similar to those currently in place for alcohol, including “dry counties,” where local municipalities will have the freedom to ban it from their borders. And while it’s an interesting theory, there are a couple of big problems with it.

First, it’s coming from a candidate who virtually no one outside of New Mexico has heard of, representing a group which has about as much chance of taking the White House as the Flat Earth Society. And perhaps most importantly, Obama has previously stated that the power to reclassify drugs rests with Congress, which is unlikely to cooperate, to put it mildly.

So even if members of his administration—like the attorney general and the secretary of Health and Human Services—were on board, it’s unclear how Johnson thinks Obama could outflank the legislature and get it done.

[ via Washington Times,  photo: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster ]

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Colorado Legislators Want Dumbed Down Weed

Colorado Legislator Wants Dumbed Down Weed

Well, you didn’t have to be Nostradamus to see this coming.

Because while the news surrounding the push toward legal marijuana has been overwhelmingly positive of late—see the Supreme Court’s recent rejection of Nebraska and Colorado’s challenge to Colorado’s weed laws—we’ve gotten another reminder that legalization doesn’t immediately create a pot panacea.

So get ready, because some legislators in the the Rocky Mountain State are making a push to harsh their constituent’s buzz.

As The Denver Post reported this morning, “A proposed ballot initiative and an amendment to a bill in the state House would cap the THC potency of recreational cannabis and marijuana products at a percentage below most of those products’ current averages.” The cap outlined in the bill calls for all recreational pot products—it doesn’t address medical ones—to contain no more than 16% THC. Currently, most strains sold in Colorado register at approximately 17%, and the percentage for extracts can climb to over 60%. Obviously, that would put growers and retailers in a tough spot.

The reason legislators allegedly want to dumb down the potency of the state’s pot, of course, is to protect children. Which makes perfect sense, because under current laws, every grade school child in Colorado is currently given a daily ration of weed along with their lunch, much like American soldiers in World War II were provided with packs of Lucky Strikes and Chesterfields with their MREs.

Of course, eagle-eyed readers will note that’s complete bullshit.

And given that the minimum legal age to buy any marijuana product in the state is 21, the effect of block-rocking strains of weed on developing brains probably shouldn’t be a huge concern. After all, bourbon is still legal, and while no medical professional is going to advocate middle schoolers should unwind from a Social Studies pop quiz with a high-octane Maker’s Mark Manhattan, their parents are still free imbibe.

Fortunately, the bill appears to have stalled in the House Finance Committee, which declined to take a vote when it was initially introduced. While it’s not currently scheduled for another vote—and would have to be approved by the voters on a ballot initiative even if it passed—the legislation’s very existence shows even in the Union’s greenest state, legal weed’s road isn’t free from peril.

Stay tuned.

[ via The Denver Post ]

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Legal Weed Crushed Girl Scout Cookie Sales in 2015

Legal Weed Crushed Girl Scout Cookie Sales in 2015

Yup, Girl Scout Cookies are popular. And tasty.

Selling them helps young ladies learn valuable lessons about goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. Every year, between mid-February to the end of March, the cookies are impossible to miss.

But as Quartz recently noted, even though the cookies are legal in all 50 states, they aren’t anywhere near as popular as legal weed. At least from a fiscal perspective.

Because in 2015, the last year for which full stats are available, the Girl Scouts organization earned “just” $776 million selling the iconic cookies. Legal marijuana sales, on the other hand? According to Marijuana Business Daily, those generated between $3 to $3.5 billion.

Given the current climate toward medical and recreational legalization, we don’t see Girl Scout cookies overtaking legal weed profits anytime soon. That said? More dispensaries should make for plenty of fantastic sales opportunities.

In San Francisco, for example, one enterprising troop member—in a stroke of business genius—even set up shop in front of the Green Cross dispensary. According to the Los Angeles Times, after an emergency restock, she managed to move 117 boxes of Thin Mints, Do-si-does, and Samoas in two hours.

At five dollars a pop, that means she pulled down nearly $300 an hour. Not a bad haul.

[Marijuana Business Daily via Quartz ]

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