How-To: Make & Use a Gravity Bong

Nostalgia – it’s a beautiful thing.

Today’s video is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make and use a gravity bong! It’s an old school method that packs a punch. If cost efficiency is a concern when trying out new ways to get high, this might be for you!

It’s comprised of a few simple household items:

  • pitcher
  • water
  • empty 2-liter soda bottle w/ the cap
  • pair of scissors
  • dremel/drill
  • straight glass adaptor piece
  • bowl piece

How To Make a Gravity Bong:

  1. Drill a hole in your soda cap lid. This hole should house your adapter
  2. Cut off the bottom quarter of the empty 2L soda bottle – make sure the edges are even
  3. Fill the pitcher with water
  4. Place soda bottle right-side-up inside the pitcher
    1. The water line should rest just below the bobble on the cap
  5. Put the adapter inside the cap and make sure it is hard to pull out

How To Use a Gravity Bong:

  1. Pack a bowl
  2. Place the bowl piece in your adapter
  3. With one hand, push the soda bottle to the bottom of the pitcher as you screw on the cap (adapter and bowl piece now attached)
  4. Keeping that hand on the cap, pressing down, let a flame linger over the bowl and pull the bottle up just slightly, to start a “cherry”
  5. Ditch the lighter and begin to pull up very slowly, tilting the bottle ever so slightly
  6. If you are doing this right, a milky, yellow cloud will develop in the bottle
  7. Pause before the bottle comes above the water line (that would allow your smoke to escape)
  8. Unscrew the cap, being careful not to move the bottle around
  9. Place your lips on the bottle spout
  10. Inhale and enjoy!

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Legendary Pot Smuggler Howard Marks Dead at 70

Legendary Pot Smuggler Howard Marks Dead at 70

Howard Marks was an unlikely candidate for a drug kingpin. But with operations in far-flung locales like Singapore, the the Philippines, Thailand and Pakistan, it could be said the sun never set on his empire.

Marks passed away yesterday after a battle with cancer. He was 70.

Before launching on a career which would make him one of the most successful marijuana smugglers in history, the affable Brit studied physics at England’s storied Oxford university. And unlike some of his contemporaries—see George Jung’s 2001 biopic Blow—he stuck to marijuana and hashish, never crossing over in to the darker world of cocaine and heroin.

In the famously bare-knuckle business, his friendly demeanor earned him an unironic nickname, and his exploits would be chronicled on the the big screen in Mr. Nice.

For years, Marks demonstrated a Houdini-like ability to slip through authorities’ fingers, which made him somewhat of a celebrity among fans of marijuana. In perhaps his most famous ruse, he successfully argued an English court that he should be released because he was running drugs as a deep-cover operative of MI6—the agency which employs the fictional James Bond.

But authorities managed to catch up with Marks, and he was eventually sentenced to 25 years at an American federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana. Fortunately, he wound up serving just seven years of the term before being shipped home.

Mark’s retirement could hardly be considered quiet.

His biography, Mr. Nice, and the movie of the same name—along with a run for Parliament—kept him in the public eye. And he never stopped advocating to legalize marijuana. But for what it’s worth, Marks managed to spend his golden years on the right side of the law, and his life should serve as an inspiration for everyone working toward more sensible drug policies.

[ via The New York Times ]

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Primal Scream’s “Velocity Girl” is the Best 1:26 You’ll Spend This Week

There’s always plenty of news. And whatever happens today will still be there on Monday, when Price of Weed will return to its regular programming.

But today is Friday, and if you’re doing it right, you’ve scheduled your week so other than punch in and punch out, you have to do virtually nothing. That said, do yourself a favor, and spend a minute and a half of the eight hours you have to kill by listening to “Velocity Girl” by Primal Scream.

It’s a seminal track from the Scottish band, and it’s good enough to have inspired a spectacular, shimmering cover by Manic Street Preachers, along with an an entire band.  As a whole, nobody really does music better than the Scots.

Of all the moments in this too-brief piece of perfect pop, the one where singer Bobby Gillespie describes a heroin-abusing, vodka-infused party girl as “splendor in silver dress/velocity possessed” might be the most majestic, but the entire composition is aural lithium.

“Velocity Girl” makes every single fraction of a second count, and begs to be put on repeat. Happy Friday, please enjoy irresponsibly!

[ via YouTube ]

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CA Group Wants ‘Restrictive’ Recreational Pot Laws

CA Group Wants 'Restrictive' Recreational Pot Laws

California occupies a sparking place in the imagination of people around the world. Almost instinctively, the Golden State conjures up images of beach parties, movie stars, and sun-drenched boulevards.

But the reality is far more complicated.

Because while there are a few notable exceptions—motorcycle lane splitting, innumerable liquor stores, obviously illegal taco stands—California legislators like nothing as much as regulation, preferably one which creates a tax, barrier to entry, or fine. In legendary Venice Beach, for example, you’ll be cited for throwing a football on the sand, and if you can’t decipher signs like this one, prepare to pay hefty parking tickets.

So while legal recreational use of marijuana is almost assured after the November election, forces in California are already aligning to ensure getting access to will be harder than it is in, say, Colorado. As Marijuana Business Daily reports, a recent recommendation from the Public Policy Institute of California opens with, “it will be easier to loosen a tight market than to tighten a loose one,” which might be an ominous sign for current and prospective business owners.

The horizontal model of integration endorsed by the group is far friendlier to big business—and could lead to de facto monopolies—than the vertical approach embraced in Colorado. And the group is also calling for caps on dispensary licences, a seed-to-sale tracking system, and foolishly, in a state with such pronounced tourism, a residency requirement. Stringent testing and labeling of edibles is also being recommended, which is somewhat comforting, as it stops short of the outright ban Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin supports.

Fortunately, none of the group’s recommendations are legally binding, so none of this is settled law. But it’s a powerful warning to activists in California that making recreational marijuana use legal is often just the beginning of the fight.

[ via Marijuana Business Daily, image via High Times ]

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DEA Decision on Marijuana Coming by June

DEA Decision on Marijuana Coming by JuneWhether the Drug Enforcement Agency continues to consider a marijuana a Schedule 1 drug will be decided in the next few months, according to a letter sent to senators and reported by the Huffington Post.

While the 25-page document offers no clues as to which way the agency is leaning, it does reveal that the decision will be announced in “the first half of 2016.” For the mathematically challenged, that means it’ll be made public by early June.

The news comes at a time when the Schedule 1 classification—long regarded as arbitrary and political—has been under increasing critical scrutiny, thanks in part to revelations by former Nixon Domestic-Policy Adviser John Ehrlichman, who recently said the War on Drugs was launched to lock up blacks and hippies.

The DEA’s letter was drafted in response to a the Compassionate Access, Research Expansion and Respect States (CARERS) bill introduced last year, which sought to shield the many states which have legalized medical marijuana from federal repercussions.

Reclassifying marijuana was one of the act’s key provisions.

With President Obama’s second term coming to a close, Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, along with Tom Angell, founder of Marijuana Majority, have publicly called for him to use his executive authority to reschedule the drug. At this time, however, Obama has given no indication he intends to do so, and has repeatedly stated any action should be undertaken by the legislative branch.

But whether the Obama Administration is pushing for change behind the scenes? That remains murky. And we likely won’t know details about his role in an effort to reschedule marijuana until long after he departs Washington on January 20th, 2017.

[ via Huffington Post, image via The Daily Chronic ]

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