My THC Recovery

Do you know what it looks like when a windshield breaks on impact?

It was a chilly morning in March. The sweet and sexy sounds of Lou Reed were gearing me up for a long day at the office – or so I thought.

In a split second, my reality changed.

Metal screeches on metal. Another car melds with mine as we slide into the oncoming traffic lane. My frame jolts forward, backward, then sideways. The movement ceases. I exhale.

My gaze meets with another. Puzzling, I watch as his eyes shift down – his car jerks back, and away from me. Then off he goes, traveling the speed of stupid.

That’s right – sped away! Fled the scene! I have one word for you, Speed of Stupid: Karma.

Learn in this video what injuries I sustained, and how I used THC to help in my recovery!

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