NJ Women Could Get Marijuana For Menstrual Pain

NJ Women Could Get Marijuana For Menstrual Pain

Before New Jersey Governor Chris Christi was being held hostage by Republican front-runner Donald Trump, but after he was caught falling asleep at a Bruce Springsteen concert, he was busy running for president.

During the campaign, the portly politician was quite clear about his stance against legalizing marijuana. In true Christi style, he actually issued a not-so-veiled threat toward states which had, stating they likely wouldn’t fare well under his administration.

That said, New Jersey has actually allowed medical marijuana since 2010, though unfortunately, regulations about what it can be prescribed for are among the most restrictive in the nation.

But as CBS New York reports, a bill before lawmakers in the Garden State might soon add menstrual pain to the list of allowable conditions, which is now limited to afflictions like cancer, HIV/AIDS, muscular dystrophy, and glaucoma.

The move likely comes in response to comedian—and New Jersey resident—Whoppi Goldberg’s recent launch of a line of women’s cannabis products.

While they’ll initially only be for sale in California, the Whoppi & Maya brand will offer a balm, tincture, sipping chocolate, and bath soak designed to relieve menstrual cramps. Now, whether they’ll eventually make their way to New Jersey is anyone’s guess, though as we said in our initial report on the brand, availability in Washington, Oregon and Colorado seems like a logical next step.

We’re sure to see a boom in celebrity-endorsed cannabis products in the next few years, so stay tuned for news.

[ via CBS New York ]

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