‘Mayan Ruins’ Likely a Marijuana Farm


Last week, news organizations around the world reported on the startling discovery of William Gadoury. After researching ancient Mayan cities, the 15-year-old Canadian noticed something extremely interesting.

For explanation, we turn to Green Rush Daily:

“He soon discovered that the location of these Mayan cities seemed to match up with the shapes of individual constellations. But there was one constellation that didn’t quite match up. He could find Mayan cities that corresponded to two of the constellation’s main three stars. But he couldn’t find a town that matched up with the third star.”

So armed with the coordinates of where he thought the mystery city should be, he began scouring Google Earth. And lo and behold, he found something.

Deep in the jungle, Gadoury saw a geometric outline which could only have been made by men. Given the distinct square shape seen in the satellite images, it seemed there was really something to his constellation theory, and accolades poured in.

Unfortunately, it now seems as if the budding archaeologist has found something man-made, but it’s not ancient ruins.

As Green Rush Daily reported, researchers familiar with the terrain in the photographs think the he might have stumbled on to a marijuana grow opperation. Because while spoiled smokers in places like Colorado, California, or Washington might turn their noses up at it, weed continues to be smuggled in from Mexico. But the good news is that legalization efforts in the United States seem to have been hurting some Mexican drug cartels,  who use marijuana sales to generate extra cash.

Now, who the crop belongs to, or whether Mexican authorities will bother to shut it down remains to be seen. That said, we don’t care if we lived in the Arctic Circle, pissing off a drug cartel isn’t something we’d be super keen on doing. After all, these are the kind of folks who express displeasure by decapitating their enemies—or worse.

Here’s hoping congratulations are the only thing Gadoury and his family receive as the result of his discovery.

[ via Green Rush Daily ]

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