How-To: Make & Use a Gravity Bong

Nostalgia – it’s a beautiful thing.

Today’s video is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make and use a gravity bong! It’s an old school method that packs a punch. If cost efficiency is a concern when trying out new ways to get high, this might be for you!

It’s comprised of a few simple household items:

  • pitcher
  • water
  • empty 2-liter soda bottle w/ the cap
  • pair of scissors
  • dremel/drill
  • straight glass adaptor piece
  • bowl piece

How To Make a Gravity Bong:

  1. Drill a hole in your soda cap lid. This hole should house your adapter
  2. Cut off the bottom quarter of the empty 2L soda bottle – make sure the edges are even
  3. Fill the pitcher with water
  4. Place soda bottle right-side-up inside the pitcher
    1. The water line should rest just below the bobble on the cap
  5. Put the adapter inside the cap and make sure it is hard to pull out

How To Use a Gravity Bong:

  1. Pack a bowl
  2. Place the bowl piece in your adapter
  3. With one hand, push the soda bottle to the bottom of the pitcher as you screw on the cap (adapter and bowl piece now attached)
  4. Keeping that hand on the cap, pressing down, let a flame linger over the bowl and pull the bottle up just slightly, to start a “cherry”
  5. Ditch the lighter and begin to pull up very slowly, tilting the bottle ever so slightly
  6. If you are doing this right, a milky, yellow cloud will develop in the bottle
  7. Pause before the bottle comes above the water line (that would allow your smoke to escape)
  8. Unscrew the cap, being careful not to move the bottle around
  9. Place your lips on the bottle spout
  10. Inhale and enjoy!

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