Cops Pull 400 Weeds Thinking They’re Actual Weed

Here’s a heartwarming story to start off the week.

After getting a report from a teen who believed a large patch of plants in a local park were marijuana, Officers in Corpus Christi, Texas got down to business, and spent several hours pulling them up. According to to the description on Y0uTubeofficers only abandoned the task after the sun went down, but they still managed to remove around 400 before calling it quits for the night. The plan was to return in the morning to finish the job.

The only problem? What authorities thought was a large, hidden-in-plain site grow operation was actually just a bunch of naturally occurring horse mint, which isn’t illegal, doesn’t get you high, and really doesn’t even look all that much like marijuana.

Why they got so far into the job without actually checking to confirm the what the news video describing the incident hilariously refers to as “suspicious plants” were actually pot remains unclear, and we’re sure it’ll be quite some time before anyone involved will be able to live down this colossal waste of time.

While it’s highly unlikely, Price of Weed likes to imagine a theory on Reddit, which speculates the the kid who reported the plants was actually contracted to pull the horse mint, and actually Tom Sawyered the cops into doing the heavy lifting. Another potential scenario we like to envision happening? An enterprising grower going back and planting actual weed plants in the same park. Because even if it got reported, the cops would likely blow it off, not wanting to get burned twice.

Again, it’s not liable to happen, but we can dream.

[ YouTube via Reddit ]

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