CannaCon 2016 Seattle

What’s your relationship with reefer?

If you’re fairly familiar, you may be aware of how much the world of weed has changed in the last few years. The shift in public interest has led to exciting new products and methods of consumption! From BHO to brownies, there’s a lot to consider when purchasing your pot.

Luckily for you, I’m here to help! My name is Gabrielle, and on my YouTube channel Toke About It, my pursuit is to meet you (the consumer) with your marijuana match!

In my first video, peruse Seattle’s CannaCon 2016 with me! CannaCon is the nation’s largest canna-biz trade show, chock-full of booths representing every aspect of the industry. From the event’s conception in 2014, the number of attendees and exhibitors has skyrocketed!

If you have something specific for me to toke about, leave it in the comments!

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