Making your pot purchasing decisions is a lot easier when you’re a well-informed consumer! CannaBits is a segment focused on all that’s worth tokin’ about in cannabis news and culture.

In Episode 1, you’ll learn about the real reason behind marijuana prohibition. Over the last century or so, the social view on cannabis has shifted drastically. Looking into it’s highly political past, it’s easy to see why.

Bernie Sanders loves weed tweets, and I love him for that. Although, I am still wondering if Bernie really knows his way around an iPhone…

Are there pesticides in your pot?! According to The Stranger (my favorite Seattle news source), this is becoming a much greater concern after major producers were found using products unfit for human consumption. There are hundreds of pesticides that meet WSDA criteria, so the use of harmful pesticides and insecticides was unnecessary. However, this discovery was much needed to increase integrity in the community!

Last but not least, I touch on suggestions for a high-ly effective workout. Studies are showing it may be beneficial to integrate cannabis in your fitness routine! Places like Ganja Yoga are popping up in states that have legalized, allowing people to commune and experience the cannabis cardio together!

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