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Alcoholic Boston Mayor Pushes Booze Over Marijuana

Medical marijuana is already legal in the state of Massachusetts, and now activists are working to open the door to make recreational use legal. In a state as famously liberal as Massachusetts—in over half a century, it’s citizens have voted … Continue reading

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Senate Bill Would Allow Vets Medical Marijuana

Surviving combat is difficult enough, but for many veterans, returning to everyday life can be a minefield. For physical pain, doctors at the Veterans Administration have historically been far from shy about handing out powerful drugs like Vicodin, Percocet and Oxycodone, … Continue reading

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Happy 420 Everyone!

The real story behind the origin of why the number 420 is synonymous with weed is actually pretty simple and well-documented. For a journalism-styled breakdown of the long, not-sordid-at-all tale about the herbal significance of the three digits, it’s hard to … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Pennsylvania has become the latest state in the union to legalize medical marijuana. With the Keystone State in the green column, that means nearly half of U.S. states now permit marijuana to be used as a treatment option. According to … Continue reading

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Why Marijuana, Cocaine and Heroin are Illegal

You don’t have to have a medical degree to know that drugs like heroin and cocaine are highly addictive, and can have devastating consequences for people who abuse them. “Heroin and cocaine—along with marijuana—were ultimately regulated out of a sinister urge to … Continue reading

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