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‘Mayan Ruins’ Likely a Marijuana Farm

Last week, news organizations around the world reported on the startling discovery of William Gadoury. After researching ancient Mayan cities, the 15-year-old Canadian noticed something extremely interesting. For explanation, we turn to Green Rush Daily: “He soon discovered that the … Continue reading

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Pot Revenue Helping Homeless in Aurora, CO

Today, authorities in the Texas are patting themselves on the back for stopping another absurd attempt to smuggle marijuana across the border from Mexico. According to NBC News, one cheeky cartel’s gamble involved hiding weed inside coconuts, which is way funnier than their last … Continue reading

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AAA: Driving While High Not Criminal

While drunk driving didn’t begin to received widespread attention until the 1970s, measures to keep intoxicated individuals from getting behind the wheel have been on books for over a century. “Essentially, the study showed that law enforcement’s current approach to detecting … Continue reading

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California’s AUMA Already Causing Property Boom

California’s Adult Use of Marijuana Act hasn’t been approved by voters yet. As of today, it hasn’t even been officially approved to go on the November ballot, even though the Attorney General recommended that the coalition supporting the new law … Continue reading

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MA Legalization Effort Faces ‘Natural’ Challenge

California’s Adult Use of Marijuana Act has been getting tons of press coverage, as legalization in the Golden State—which is the eighth-largest economy in the world—would be a watershed moment for the movement. But it’s not the only state where voters … Continue reading

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